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Getting Started

Before we can start work we need to have the following from you:

Photographs of your principal staff and/or premises puts a personal face on your organisation, but they need to be good quality to look good on the website.

If you don’t have any suitable photographs we may be able to obtain some from your professional body or trade association e.g. for osteopaths, the General Osteopathic Council.

We can also provide photographs that may convey the mood you want to create. This approach has been used for the Netherfield and Netherwood websites.

All text and photographs you provide must be originated by yourselves, you own the copyright or have the permission of the copyright owner. Please also let us know who needs to be credited on the website.

The intention is to develop a web page that is straightforward, elegant and effective. There is no need to provide a lot of wording – just enough to convey who you are, what you do, where you are and why patients should choose you.

Think about:

Note that a link to an interactive map will be provided for you and this will enable your website visitors to obtain personalised instructions for finding you.

There is no need to include your e-mail address on the web page and it may be better not to if you prefer patients to contact you by phone.

Every page is designed to show your contact details when it is printed (as demonstrated with the Netherfield and Netherwood websites).

Making The Website Live

We will show you a draft of the website before making it live. You will be able to check that the wording and details have been included correctly. We will also send a test message to each e-mail address we have set up for you.

At this point we will send you our invoice. We welcome payment by cheque, Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.

Once you are happy with your new website and payment has been received we will make it live on the internet and everyone will be able to see it.

Domain Names

Your preferred domain names may not be available and if this is the case then we will talk to you on the phone while we go through the registration process to achieve the best we can with what is available

 Please do not publicise a new domain name or arrange for it to be printed on any stationery until we have confirmed the registration in writing. This may take a couple of days.


Attracting enquiries via Google will be one of the main benefits of having a website so we will submit your new website to Google to assist them indexing your website.

The website will also be designed in various ways to get the best results from Google.


Having an e-mail address that matches your website domain name looks professional and much more so than using free e-mail addresses like Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

You have free choice of how to name your e-mail addresses to the left of the “@” symbol. Your domain name will be on the right.


We can provide as many e-mail addresses as you require. Two are included in the flat fee, additional ones are chargeable. You may want to provide one for each of your team or have an additional one for private use.

We can provide mailboxes to collect your messages or forward your messages onto an existing mailbox. If we provide a mailbox you will be able to download your messages to the e-mail program on your computer (e.g. Outlook) or read them directly off the web.

If you ask us to forward your messages to another e-mail address take care that any replies you send show the right address as the sender.

Monthly Reports

We will send you a report each month by e-mail that will list each of the visitors to your website. The details that you will see are:

No personal details will be available. This report will show you how many visitors are coming to your website and what they were looking for.

Comprehensive Statistics

A comprehensive statistics service is available for an additional fee. This provides various graphs and tables to tell you more about the performance of your website.

These include:


Your agreement with us includes support throughout the year.

From time to time you may need to change details on your website, opening hours, fees, etc. and we can update these for you at no extra charge.

Support is during UK office hours only.

If you require more comprehensive work then talk to us about it and we will provide a quotation.

Extra Features And Facilities

From time to time we may offer additional features and facilities. These may be included in your annual fee or they may attract an additional charge.

If there is something you would like to see us develop then please let us know.